Many of us are now in 2022 planning - thinking how future content efforts can align with business needs, working out how to scale and considering new organizational models. There's a lot to think about.  

The Knotch team has been studying content performance more than most. We completely respect the complexity that content teams have to navigate in larger organizations.  

We believe there is one urgent priority for 2022.  

Inspired by Robert Frost's immortal words, allow your content to take the road less traveled. Said another way, make your content distinct. Because most content is invisible. It’s buried in a sea of other content. Nothing more than wallpaper.  

Make sure your content stands out, so that your audience can easily identify it, through use of design, tone of voice, content type, your values and identity.  No more stock images that are shared across your category.  

Develop content that demands attention. Like the best advertising, which never assumes that the audience is waiting for your message, you should deliver your content in a way that makes a bold, memorable promise that entices the reader or viewer to engage with the content. Dare I say it, be more provocative with your headlines, at the risk of diluting your SEO reputation.  

Finally find resonance so that your audience cares. Find a need that your audience truly cares about.

If you agree, here is what you need to do for your 2022 plan:

1. Double down on your visual design and art direction resources.  

2. Look for white space compared to your competitors - take a contrarian approach. Dig for unmet audience needs.

3. Commit to a multiyear roadmap that forces you to think long-term, beyond the next campaign.

Good luck with your planning!