You feel like you understand all the ins and outs of various marketing strategies, yet someone just mentioned “Content Marketing” in conversation and you’re drawing a blank. Marketing encompasses such a wide umbrella of approaches, it can be difficult to distinguish between them all. If you’re at a loss as to just what content marketing is, then you’ve come to the right place.‍

What Content Marketing Is ‍

First off, content marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to share relevant and valuable content to educate and inform visitors rather than directly promote a brand. It’s about building relationships and connecting with visitors at every stage of their journey, hopefully then driving sales or leading to actionable steps with potential customers.  

Content marketing can consist of various touch points other than just your website. These include:

  • Educational Articles
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Podcasts
  • Magazines
  • Webinars

What Content Marketing Isn't

Content marketing isn’t a place to push your superior products and services. It’s also not a brochure detailing all that makes your company great, what you do, and why consumers should trust you. It’s not even a viral video. It’s rather a strategy centered on building credibility with audiences and using content to attract, retain and convert readers into future customers - all while showcasing your brand’s thought leadership in the space.

Content marketing also doesn’t have to be done alone. Adding this strategy to your marketing mix can enhance what you have in place and increase your reach. ‍

Brands Doing It Right‍

While many brands have seen just how beneficial content marketing can be for their business, not all are executing in the same way. ‍

Away’s Here magazine is one great way the luggage company communicates its brand purpose by connecting to the travel industry. This magazine shares compelling and insightful travel stories, city guides for the hottest destinations, and packing tips from experts. By asserting itself as a resource for travelers, Away has implemented a content marketing strategy that places them top-of-mind for anyone planning their next vacation.

Shutterstock is more than just a website to search for photos, and they’ve successfully painted themselves as a reliable and trusted source for the latest trends with their Creative Trends Report. This annual report details in vibrant colors and with moving images what’s hot in imagery, and provides data points and insights as a guide for the latest styles. ‍

Why It Matters‍

Content Marketing seeks to drive high value actions, and get you and your brand the results that matter most. It drives awareness and provides value, all while building that essential trust with audiences to keep your brand top-of-mind and a serious contender.

Sep 17, 2019