The world of marketing undergoes constant changes. In the last few years, it’s become apparent that video marketing is a core pillar of an effective content marketing strategy. Videos have paved the way to connect directly with your audience and shown results to prove their effectiveness. Based on recent estimates:

With videos increasingly becoming a priority for brands, let’s take a deep dive into video content marketing ideas and explore some easy ways to get you started on your journey.

What is Video Content Marketing?

Video marketing is the concept of utilizing videos to familiarize audiences with your product and services, to drive brand awareness, increase engagement, and generate leads via digital & social channels. The success of video-first content led brands to venture into, and experiment with, different types of videos. As a result, today, video content marketing is used to achieve several marketing goals. 

Let’s look at some easy ways to incorporate video marketing in your overall marketing strategy. 

Ten Video Content Marketing Ideas

  1. Demo videos

Demos are a great way to acquaint your users with your product and services. A demo can be:

  • A detailed how-to video showcasing your online offering, app or software
  • An elaborate setup of unboxing a physical product, setting it up, and taking viewers through the steps to get it up-and-running

These videos are a simple yet effective tool for brands to encourage customers to engage with your product in a way that helps them derive maximum value from it. 

  1. Instructional/educational videos 

These are free tutorials that a brand can make available to its audience to help them learn something new or hone a particular skill. These videos are essentially guides with the main purpose of educating potential customers.

Consumers today are smart and well-informed. They appreciate the efforts of a brand that genuinely invests in content that aims to help its users. Hence, educational videos are a great way to earn the trust of your target audience.

  1. Brand videos

Simply put, these videos narrate the vision, values and goals of your brand. They help viewers connect to the mission that drives your brand, and makes the company and its products more relatable to them. These videos are also a good way to spread brand awareness in a new pool of clients.

  1. Interviews

The golden rule of marketing is to give before you ask for anything. And interview videos can help you do exactly that: provide detailed knowledge to your consumers. You can leverage the expertise of in-house thought leaders and invite industry experts to create engaging content that opens up a conversation. Through these interactions, your viewers will not only walk away with important takeaways, but also remember your brand as one that cares deeply about its user base. Consistent delivery of good content will make your brand synonymous with a content hub that your followers will turn to in times of need.

  1. Testimonials

Your ultimate goal is to sell a product. But are you struggling with answering why someone should choose your product over others? Few tactics are as effective and credible as success stories of people that found a solution through your product. Testimonials are videos that narrate stories of customers who overcame challenges after using your product or service. The anecdotes of these loyal customers-turned-advocates is the proof you need to make your brand win against competitors.

  1. Event videos

With our lives being centered around social media, 69% of millennials experience Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) daily! This means you have the perfect opportunity to create hype around company events. People are curious to be a part of new experiences and hence, footage of events leading up to a big conference, panel discussion or annual gathering is an incredible way to keep your audience engaged while keeping the mystery alive.

  1. Vlogs

What’s the next step after you build a blog? It’s time to add videos and turn it into a vlog! If you’ve held onto the notion that creating videos is a “hard” process, then let this be a reminder that all you need is an idea, script and decent phone to get the ball rolling.

  1. Webinars

Hosting webinars is one of the easiest ways to offer value to your users while connecting with them more personally. One of the most beneficial types of content, both for the brand and its users, these real-time videos are a perfect way to provide answers to the issues that your consumers are wrestling with. 

  1. Live videos

The demand for live videos is even higher than video-on-demand. Going live offers a platform to host Q&A sessions, stream interviews or broadcast an event in real time. Live videos also give view viewers an opportunity to engage with you simultaneously. These candid chats/sessions require very little preparation, and have shown results that have encouraged brands to take live videos more seriously.

  1. Behind-the-scenes videos

Whether you capture the craziness of hosting an event, or record snippets from casual strolls in the office, these imperfect but real videos are a great way to establish yourself as a relatable brand. Audiences today want to become a part of your brand journey and by affording them these glimpses of the inside world, you’re building affinity between your brand and customers.


Videos: The Future of Marketing

Video content marketing may look daunting at first but with a little experimentation and practice, you’ll start producing content that not only adds value to your user base but also contributes significantly to your marketing ROI. 

Here are easy-to-execute steps that can help you create your first video:

  • Finalize an idea or theme that you want to convey through your video
  • Write a script for your video that is in sync with your messaging and target audience
  • Finalize the location of your shoot and experiment with camera angles and lighting 
  • Run a rehearsal
  • Shoot your video
  • Make edits by adding music, voice-over, or trimming the overall length of the video

Your audience no longer expects videos with extreme finesse, instead they’re leaning into content that comes from a genuine place. The popularity of platforms like TikTok and Instagram showcases that consumers are taking a liking to real, relatable videos that are pretty much shot on a phone or webcam. So if you’ve been hesitant to create video content, there’s no time better than now to take the leap. TikTok is an ideal playground for video content marketing ideas. (Here’s a detailed article to kick off your TikTok content marketing strategy.)

Content is your direct pathway to connect with your audience and drive business outcomes. If you’re looking to better inform your content strategy and track your success, look no further. Request a demo to see how the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform can measure the effectiveness of your videos.