In 2022, 82% of global internet traffic will be attributed to video. A whopping 82%! And you’ve undoubtedly participated in online video consumption yourself, searching for makeup tutorials on how to contour, or streaming your favorite show. The hunger for video is growing by the second, with Gen Z having quite the large appetite. An average Gen Z-er spends around 3.4 hours a day online watching videos. That’s 3.4 hours at marketers’ disposal each day to reach younger eyeballs, right where they’re watching. This shift in consumption away from traditional TV has led many creators to think up video content marketing ideas, and seek out relevant platforms to bring these ideas to life.

Here are some video content marketing ideas and the platforms that can make marketers’ ideas, a reality.

Optimize for mobile‍

Seven in ten 13-18 year-olds report that they watch video content on their smartphones. And their cell phones are going with them to school, the subway, and while walking really anywhere. Optimize your videos for viewers watching content with their sound off as they go throughout their day. Create captions for your videos, and keep your videos as short and to the point as possible. Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos are an excellent example of a brand creating videos especially for mobile users. 

Credit: Buzzfeed Tasty via Instagram

These short videos show viewers how to make delicious recipes, using no sound with step-by-step instructions told via captions. Showing the process of making these recipes is best told through video, and the creators understood how to keep people engaged until the end.

Tap into sentiment

Videos can draw on emotion in ways that other content can’t. Music, visuals, and a carefully crafted narrative can tug on a viewer’s heartstrings and stir them to action. For example, in 2017 GE asked the question, “What if Millie Dresselhaus, Female Scientist, Was Treated like a Celebrity?” and created a video showing society celebrating and following the woman scientist. It was an uplifting video that raised awareness for GE’s goal to hire 20,000 women for STEM roles by 2020.

Credit: YouTube via Julia Farber

Videos like this one draw on the emotional part of the brain and increase the likelihood that viewers will take a call-to-action afterwards. Videos like these lead to results, with 31% of advertisers reporting gains from emotional campaigns.

Consider YouTube

YouTube is a great video content marketing idea to widen your reach, as YouTube is the second largest search engine, bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined. This means that viewers are coming to the video platform as a knowledge resource - exactly what content marketing hopes to achieve in the first place. On YouTube, users can comment on what they’re watching. This gifts marketers the ability to measure the impact of their content and audience sentiment, all within the platform. For example, Red Bull’s YouTube channel boasts nearly 9 million subscribers and features daredevil stunts, athlete challenges, and cliff-diving videos where users can go into a hole watching clip after clip. It even offers a video on how surfing can improve mental health in South Africa.

Credit: Red Bull via YouTube

They’re successfully staying on message and producing energizing content that sucks viewers in. By moving your messages to YouTube, you can take advantage of a platform built for engagement, and create unlimited pieces of content that will keep viewers coming back.

Produce videos that make sense for your brand

Not all videos work for every brand, and creating say, a heartwarming video reuniting long-lost twins might not help you reach your business goals. Consider what you’re trying to achieve with content and what action you want your audience to take after viewing your videos. Some different videos types that you can produce are:

  • Product demos
  • Product reviews
  • Educational, how-to videos
  • Influencer videos
  • Viral videos
  • Interviews with industry pros

For example, Ford partnered with Real Simple and created a video called, “In Her Shoes,” where a man wore a fake baby bump to experience what it was like to be pregnant. He then participated in everyday activities, like unloading groceries from the back of a car.

Credit: Real Simple

This video allowed Ford to subtly promote their vehicles through a paid strategy targeting women browsing Real Simple. Though not a viral video, this strategy made sense for the brand and was able to reach their intended audience.

Adopting some video content marketing ideas can help you stand out from the competition, and as people share your content, you’ll significantly widen your reach. Make sure your videos are high quality, and high on impact, and you will drive real results.

Jan 16, 2020