We, at Knotch, are extremely proud to share that our biggest and most-awaited event of the year, Insight 2021, was a huge success. However, it wouldn’t be possible without you and all our wonderful speakers who so generously shared their wealth of knowledge and expertise at the event.

If you missed it or would like a quick recap of some of the best moments of Insight 2021, then this handpicked list of ‘words to live by’ will surely make your day (better).

Customer-First Approach to Content

More than ever, it’s important to remember that your content is only as good as your customer thinks. If you’re failing to provide value to your customers through your content, it’s time to pause and rethink your content strategy. 

Content Can Drive ROI

For far too long, we have ignored the ‘real impact’ of content. Content can go beyond building brand awareness and growing your audience, it has the power to drive ROI and contribute to your organization’s bottom line.

Don't Shy Away From Investing in Creatives

You may be tempted to put creatives on the sidelines, but that would be a critical mistake. Experts emphasize - the only way to make your content and ads effective is by keeping them creatively alive.

Proving Your Content's Worth

Content teams have often felt let down with the technologies provided to support them. While they’re burning the midnight oil to build brands and their narratives, there’s little evidence to reflect the impact of their work. Today, as a content leader, you have the ability to change that. Platforms like Knotch are putting content intelligence at the forefront to provide data that directly showcases the impact of content on business goals

Great Storytelling is Key

Nothing can ever replace the power and influence of good content. However, storytelling is an art. The way you craft and share your story with your audience can decide if you’re on your way to gaining or losing potential customers.

Be in Sync With Your Audience

Change truly is the only constant. In order to successfully create and deliver content that strikes a chord with your audience, you need to pick up on their pulse and adapt your content strategy accordingly. It is the only way to keep your content relevant.

Make Inclusivity Your Mantra

As businesses strive to achieve the goal of making their brands and workplaces beacons of equity and inclusivity, it’s important to ensure your content is reflective of the same. Let’s vow to make ‘inclusive content’ a prerequisite and qualifier for ‘good content’.

Stay tuned as we work to get you access to the exclusive recordings of the sessions held at Insight 2021. In the meantime, we leave you to explore all things content.