As businesses look for the best ways to engage with their customers and prospects, they continue to rely on content as the primary driver of these engagements. It’s no surprise that businesses of all sizes are expanding their content efforts to foster a meaningful connection with their audiences.

While we’re so dependent, especially on digital content, it hasn’t been supported with the necessary innovations to measure its impact on business goals. This makes it impossible to tangibly prove the true value of content. 

In an earnest effort to change this narrative, we experimented relentlessly to unravel the capabilities of Content Intelligence, and are excited to announce that Knotch can now help you directly connect your content to outcomes. We’ve successfully added features that’ve enhanced our Content Intelligence platform. These features, which are now available to all our users, will equip you with all the data-driven insights needed to actionably drive business outcomes using content. 

Our mindset was centered on one main premise: to design everything with content at its core. This is what makes Content Intelligence stand out. While web analytics are good for web pages, Content Intelligence is the technology you need to make the most of your content. Over the last several months, we spoke with multiple industry analysts, our customers, and leaders of our content community about the business outcomes they wanted to connect their content to. Here are the top three answers:

  1. Enhance Brand
  2. Increase ROI
  3. Build Audience 

With that in mind, we brought those outcomes directly into the Knotch Content Intelligence platform. All of March, we shared our progress with some of our customers and community members, seeking their valuable feedback. It was crucial to us that our developments set up our customers for success. We’re proud to share our newest features as the ultimate solution to the biggest pain point of most content leaders - the struggle to justify the impact of your content efforts.

We now offer:

Spotlight Scores that Connect Content to Outcomes

A unique score is automatically calculated, updated and reported for each outcome based on a set of key content-specific metrics. These scores serve as the measure of success for each outcome and this means brands can now prove that their content is driving business goals. The metrics are put through Knotch BIOS (our AI engine) to generate a score from ‘1-10’ for easy interpretation. Scores include: 

  • Contribution to Brand Score (to measure brand enhancement)
  • Re-circulation Score (to measure the ROI of your content)
  • Content Activity Score (to measure if you're successfully building an audience)

Key Content Specific Metrics

Each unique score takes into account a set of key metrics that were designed for content measurement - not web pages. With this, brands can rest assured that their understanding of content performance is based on meaningful metrics. 

  • Positive Sentiment: the rate for positive responses to a piece of content
  • Attention Rate: the rate for viewers that stayed for more than the minimum time threshold and scrolled more than the minimum page depth
  • Flee Rate: the rate for viewers that stayed for less than the minimum time threshold and scrolled less than the minimum page depth
  • Recirculation Multiplier: the rate for a content piece, which drives a viewer to another content piece
  • Content Activity Rate: the rate for engagement driven by a piece of content

Contextual Proprietary Benchmarks

All our customers now have access to external benchmarks to enable comparison for every score and key metric. Benchmarks are represented in the form of a scale with thresholds of performance from ‘poor to amazing’. 

Internal Baselines

In addition to external comparisons, Knotch will now calculate baseline values for each metric and score. Baselines are developed for every customer using an initial dataset to represent where they started with each score and metric, so they can better prove the progress they’ve made using content.

Folder and Content Level Highlights

Highlights serve as the new homepages of information at the folder and individual content level in Knotch. At the folder level, users will get an aggregated view of performance without lifting a finger. Highlights serve up information based on all pieces of content in that folder and can be quickly viewed over four distinct time frames (last 7, 30, 90 days and all-time). At the content level, Knotch automatically brings together the key data points from the ‘sentiment and analytics’ tabs for additional clarity.

All these enhancements are now live and available to use for our customers across the world. For others who are curious to learn more, please join us on May 6, for a webinar where we will discuss how brands can successfully connect their content to outcomes. Register here