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Today, on Pros & Content, the 9th entry in our 10 part series of online roundtables focusing on COVID-19. Over nine weeks, Anda Gansca and Rachel Tipograph have brought together panels of inspiring speakers to talk about reactions and responses from different industries, countries, and individual perspectives. No two have been alike.

Everyone has faced a unique battle during these past few months. And, while these roundtables have wound down, we continue to seek and participate in honest, open conversations. Today’s conversation focuses on the road ahead. We speak with a panel of amazing guests, who admit that, while, the journey may remain long and sometimes difficult, we can now see the light.

Panelists include: Kristof Neirynck (Walgreens Boots Alliance), Keith Grossman (TIME), Alicia Tillman (SAP), Lisa Sherman (Ad Council), Jill Kramer (Accenture), Lina Polimeni Shields (Eli Lilly and Company), Andrew Essex (PLAN A)

This episode was recorded on May 14, 2020