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Welcome to our tenth and final roundtable episode! Over ten weeks, Anda Gansca (CEO & Co-Founder, Knotch) and Rachel Tipograph (CEO & Founder, MikMak) met with dozens of marketing & business leaders to talk about the COVID-19 crisis. We covered a lot of ground around navigating the uncertainty our world continues to face.

While the roundtable series is closing out, the conversations will live on. This crisis has forced consumer behavior and business operations to evolve. As marketers, we must plan for uncertainty. We must go back to our brand’s core values, and pinpoint what really makes them tick.

If this crisis has shown us anything, it’s that the best way to move forward, is to lead with authenticity and empathy.

Guests include: Maryam Banikarim (Nextdoor), Tara Rush (Audi), Michael Sprague (Ford), Tariq Hassan (Petco), Michael Lacorazza (Wells Fargo), Renata Ferraiolo Pereira (SC Johnson), Carla Hassan (Citi)

This episode was recorded on May 21, 2020