We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Knotch Blueprint product, content planning software that enables brands, publishers, and agencies to identify content opportunities that help them create highly-relevant content that increases visibility and share of voice.

Blueprint can collect competitor content across all owned and paid channels and provide analytics on each piece of content in real-time. It then visualizes competitor content in a customizable dashboard and updates automatically when competitors you’re monitoring produce a new piece of content. 

Blueprint’s dashboard comes with custom filters that allow you to conduct highly-specific searches. You can also get custom notifications on trending publishers, brands, topics, and keywords that relate to your business, and compare your brand’s performance side-by-side with that of your competitors.

What’s more, all insights surfaced by Blueprint can be exported and shared easily with all relevant stakeholders.

“Our goal with Blueprint is to make brands, publishers, and agencies smarter through data,” says Aron Tzimas, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer of Knotch, and the visionary behind the new Blueprint product. “Blueprint, along with our Measurement product, allows our customers to cover all sides of content. You need to know how your competitors are doing, what you should do next, and how you’re doing. Blueprint covers the first two, Measurement covers the third.”

“If you talk to any content team, they’ll tell you they want to have a really good sense of what their competitors are doing,” adds Andrew Bolton, SVP of Partnerships at Knotch. “Until now, compiling that information was a big effort that required a team of marketers and days of manual research. What Blueprint does is streamline and modernize this process so that you’re differentiated in the market from a comms perspective.”

The Details

Here’s a closer look at the core capabilities of Blueprint:

  • Search: Conduct searches based on brands, publishers, content titles, and keywords. 
  • Competitive Intelligence: Pick competitors to follow and browse their profiles to see what content they’re creating and who they’re working with for paid content distribution. You can also compare their paid content vs. their owned content based on keywords, themes, industry, titles, and more.
  • Content Library: View all the owned and paid content your competitors have created via an easily searchable content library.
  • Content Notifications: Get notified automatically via email when publishers and your competitors publish new content.
  • Save Content: Find a piece of content you really like? Save it to your very own board and come back to it later for inspiration.
  • Comparison Reports: Compare your brand vs. another brand to gain valuable insights into their content strategy and how you’re matching up. You can see what type of content they’re creating, who they’re working with, and what they’re creating content about. 
  • Automated Reports: Receive weekly or monthly reports on brands and publishers you follow, including information on the content they’re creating, who they’re creating content with, and their areas of focus.
  • Exporting: Export any report or insight page as a PDF or have it sent directly to your email.

Who’s Blueprint For?

Blueprint was built for three distinct audiences and many use cases:


  • Competitive intelligence
  • Content planning
  • Partnership research

For brands, Blueprint allows you to search, index, and compare your brand against competitors. It can help you find new creative themes to create content around, and find new publishers to collaborate with. 


  • Competitive planning related to other publishers
  • Sales outreach

Blueprint can help publishers from both an editorial and sales perspective. For editorial, Blueprint can help gather intelligence on other publishers to see what type of content they’re creating. For sales, Blueprint can identify who your competitors are creating paid content with to assist with sales outreach.


  • Sales outreach to brands
  • Manage content portfolios for each client
  • Competitive intelligence

For agencies, Blueprint can be used for researching brands to pitch your services to. Agencies can also organize their clients in Blueprint and compare each one against their competitors to assist with their creative strategy. 

Start Your Content Planning Today

If you’d like to use Blueprint to plan out your content marketing programs, request a free 7-day trial now.