Voting is the most important thing any of us can do to ensure our voices are heard. As General Election Day in the U.S. draws near, Knotch is committed to ensuring that all of our employees are able and ready to vote and have their voice heard.

Our driving mission is to empower brands and consumers to own their voice online. And there’s no better way for our Knotchers to own their voice than casting their ballot. 

As a reminder to all on the importance of voting, we’ve added a ribbon to the top of, driving users to resources that will help them ready their vote ahead of November 3rd. “Corporate websites are the face of a company and attract a large audience,” says Chris Vitti, SVP of Marketing at Knotch. “We normally focus on promoting upcoming events & products on our site, but this is too important. We've added a call to action on our site, and we encourage other brands to do the same.”

Knotch has long honored the NY state "Time Off To Vote" mandate for all national, state, and local elections. This year we have decided to expand our election policy, building upon the NY state mandate. That policy accomplishes 3 things: 

  1. Knotch is allowing all employees to take up to 3 hours off to vote before or on election day.
  2. This time off can take place at the beginning of the day, throughout the workday, or at the end of the day. This year, given COVID-19, we are also allowing and encouraging employees to take time off to cast their vote early.
  3. Every Knotcher can and is encouraged to take paid time off to work at polling stations, or participate in other election-oriented work on Election Day if they so desire. 

Additionally, Knotch is teaming up with Time to Votean organization made up of companies committed to ensuring that their employees have a work schedule which provides them time to vote in elections. We’re joining the ranks of Fortune 500 companies such as Autodesk, Bank of America, Capital One, Twitter, and others. 

Here's what others at Knotch have to share about Election Day, and what it means to them: 

"Voting is how we own our voice in democracy. November 3rd is our moment." - Matthew Wasley, Head of Product Marketing.

"Owning Your Vote means making sure your voice is accounted for. We all have a responsibility to help shape what the future looks like in the most important election of our lifetime." - Tayler Childers, Account Director.

“It's great to work at a company that stands up for our rights and empowers us to do the same. It’s our basic unalienable right to vote in the US, and we continuously express this internally. I truly appreciate that Knotch’s leadership chooses to listen to their people.” - Robert Gold, Talent Acquisition Lead.

"As a woman, it's essential that I use my voice to vote. Using my hard-earned right to vote whenever possible is the least I can do to further our collective voice in our country." - Ryann Slone, Associate Content & Communications Manager.

"Vote like your life depends on it—because for many of us, it does." - Garrison Gibbons, Head of People.

“The presidential election happens once every four years, and our vote determines the future of our next four years. All companies should recognize that our vote and our voice matters when it comes to the country’s presidential elections. I appreciate that Knotch has a flexible policy that allows employees to exercise their right to vote.” - Sarah Buscar, Integration Manager.

"Voting is our right, responsibility, and opportunity to make a difference and positive impact on the future." - Matt Simpson, Account Director.

To check your registration status and make sure you are registered to vote in your area, head over to