As a content professional, you might not think you have much in common with an astronaut. But much like space explorers, content creators, marketers, and strategists are pioneers. The dawn of value-based selling and using deep analytics to know and respond to your audience means you’re firmly strapped into the pilot’s seat. 

David Brown, SVP, Head of Strategy, Knotch, sat down with three esteemed content leaders to ask what their trajectory in the content arena looked like.

An eclectic group, they come from diverse backgrounds⁠—ranging from journalism to data science and project management⁠—which made their journeys incredibly unique and assured us that there’s something for everyone in this discussion. 

We’ve broken their advice into a countdown, one that will hopefully launch your content marketing strategy to new heights! They share their experiences of:

5. Build a Launchpad

Your content measurement foundation needs to be strong for a smooth takeoff. Luckily, many companies already have blueprints for you to follow, so you don’t need to start from scratch. A few questions to ask your existing team include: 

  • How are you currently measuring your content? 
  • What metrics and KPIs will we be tracking for?
  • Who is the champion for content measurement? 

It’s important for you to create and work within a well-defined measurement system, so you can compare efficacy and outcomes, and ultimately build out a strategy that helps you achieve your business goals.

4. Run Safety Tests to Fix Issues Quickly

You’re creating something unique which means you have to iterate. Our panelists emphasized the routine of “test, learn, optimize, repeat”. Going for multiple small, effective, and quick wins—think five or six—gives room for one to fail while others succeed. It also means you can choose a project that plays to an existing strength and another that helps you learn.

3. Prepare for Launch Time

It’s a big red button, and someone’s got to push it. Be careful not to get stuck in analysis paralysis; once you identify and understand what your business needs are, move forward confidently. Failure is an acceptable result in this case, as long as you learn from it and improve your strategy.

2. Jettison What’s Weighing You Down

Typically, in a marketer’s content library, only 5% of content generates 90% of customer engagement. Using a Content Intelligence platform to find the exact pieces that drive business outcomes—such as improved brand awareness, return on investment (ROI), or growing your audience—means you are equipped to work smarter, not harder.

1. Communicate Frequently for a Successful Mission

Good data is infinitely more valuable when paired with good communication. Involving other teams from the beginning sets you up for success, and communicating throughout leaves little room for miscommunication. When reporting data, consider the information that is pertinent to each team or individual: how do they define success? How will your new data further their mission objectives?

If you found this advice useful, watch the on-demand recording of our How to Thrive as a Content Leader webinar to get more nuggets of wisdom from this storied crew.