You’ve just recognized the need for a content marketing strategy for your company. Great!

Now what?

Your next step is to create valuable, relevant and resonate content to fill your pipeline and fuel brand awareness. Getting started can be tricky, so here’s 10 steps to creating content that will drive visitors to your site and make a positive impact on your business.

1. Set a Goal

All marketing needs to be driven by solid goals. What’s the reason behind the campaign? What are you trying to achieve, and how are you going to measure it? By establishing your desired result at the onset, you’ll fully understand the purpose driving your marketing allows your brand to

2. Know your Audience
Content Marketing is not about blasting your brand to as many people as you can. It’s about placing more weight on the trust you build with a smaller, specific audience, than it is about the size of the audience.

To pinpoint who exactly you want to reach, start by building your personas and learn all you can about the audience that you’re targeting. Then, build content that specifically addresses the needs of those audiences.

Throughout this whole process, don’t forget to actually talk to the people. Always ask questions, discover pain points, and continuously uncover areas where they need help. Do this before the campaign. Do this during the campaign. Do this after. Never stop learning about your audience. It’s going to make your content better.

3. Give it a Purpose
Content without purpose will only fall flat. To start, consider what you’re offering your audience and what action you would like them to take after reading or watching your content. Your content should be purpose-driven from the start, or else why are you creating it in the first place?

4. Create a Distribution Strategy
By creating a strong content distribution strategy, you can maximize your content’s impact and ensure it’s reaching the right audiences, at the right time. Explore your media platform options, from social to to paid to owned media, and evaluate the audience and engagement style of each. Not all channels are the best fit, so make the smart channel choice to build your brand awareness.  

5. Write Strong Headlines
Start strong! Most people won’t make it past the title, and you don’t want eyes wandering away from your page. If you get to the heart of the matter quickly and tie it into a takeaway, you’ll ensure visitors are getting exactly what they came for.

6. Make Your Content Informative & Educational
Audiences turn to the search bar to find answers. If your content can educate readers and present them with insights they actually care about, they’ll begin to view your company as a resource they can count on. By providing relevant and valuable information, you’ll keep them coming back for more.

7. Avoid the Hard Sell
People who stumble onto your content typically aren’t looking for a list of items you sell. They’re rather seeking answers to the questions that led them to your content in the first place. Avoid taking advantage of their attention.

Instead, create content that’s either interesting, educational, funny, or creative. Or even a mix of them all. Of course you can communicate what your company does - after all, the end goal is obtaining a customer - but let that relationship simmer a while.

8. Don’t Forget Creativity
In the race to provide meaningful content, be sure to inject originality and a fresh perspective inside your material. Your creativity and unique take on answers that multiple companies are providing can make all the difference in standing out amidst a sea of knowledge.

9. Help People!
People who find your content are typically looking for answers - make sure you provide them.

10. Update Your Content to Make it Quality
The quality of your content reflects the quality of your company. Make sure you’re consistently providing the latest insights so others recognize you as a reputable, reliable, and timely source for their queries.

Sep 18, 2019