Sarah Kate Ellis
President and CEO of GLAAD

Knotch connected with Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD for our "Own Your Voice" series to hear her story, and to learn what drives her in her career.

Where did your story begin?

My story began in the closet, in a conservative area of New York. It took me time to build myself up and to become comfortable living my true, authentic self and I think it’s important for people to understand that it’s a process. I’m now leading one of the largest LGBTQ organizations in the world, happily married to my wife that I love, with two beautiful kids - but I didn’t start out here. 

What was a pivotal life moment where your story changed?

Ellen coming out was huge for me. I remember seeing her bravery on television and it really inspired me.

Who made the biggest impact on your story?

My mother. She taught me from an early age to use my voice and platform to fight for what is just and right.

What’s an unpopular opinion you have about content?

The frontier in reaching LGBTQ people, especially youth, is via social media, not really print. GLAAD has invested so much in our digital and social channels to meet the next generation of activists and storytellers where they’re at.

If you could define your story using one sentence, what would that sentence be?

 If you don’t see a path for yourself, pave your own.


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