Maggie Huston
Senior Digital Content Manager​ at UPS

Knotch connected with Maggie Huston, Senior Digital Content Manager​ at UPS, for our "Own Your Voice" series to hear her story, and to learn what drives Maggie in her career.

Where did your story begin? 

2nd semester, senior year of college. I got an internship at a local TV station in Boston and never looked back. 

What was a pivotal life moment where your story changed? 

I saw several well-respected journalists get laid off because the broadcast journalism business model is broken. I realized that I didn’t want to be in that position so I turned my editorial and social media skills into a job at Oracle.

Who made the biggest impact on your story? 

I’ve been blessed with several wonderful mentors in my life. Jim Lemay at CNN, Angela Wells at Oracle, Mary Garcia Durkee at UPS – each incredibly brilliant in their own way.

What’s an unpopular opinion you have about content? 

Content doesn’t always need to convert a customer at the moment they consume it. Depending on your industry, establishing your brand as an expert can lead to future conversations. Content can be the start of a relationship.

If you could define your story using one sentence, what would that sentence be?

Keep learning.


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