Brad Armstrong
Chief, Global Marketing at NI

Knotch connected with Brad Armstrong, Chief, Global Marketing at NI, for our "Own Your Voice" series to hear his story, and to learn what drives Brad in his career.  

Where did your story begin?

I first started my career in psychology and social work, and it was by complete chance that I ended up in marketing. Although I never looked back and did get my degree in business, I still try to utilize my understanding of human behavior. 

What was a pivotal life moment where your story changed?

I was working at a small startup in Austin at a job that transformed books into HTML. When a job listing asked me to “bring big ideas,” I took my HTML skills and re-created the company homepage with a new message (not knowing what on Earth I was doing). I ended up not only getting the job but the company used my concept for their re-brand. A few months later, my entire department was let go – except for me. Truly a formative rollercoaster ride.

 Another was when I was 3 weeks into a job. During a contentious debate between my boss and another executive, I expressed my support for someone other than my boss and my reasoning, and I earned a new type of professional respect that day. 

Who made the biggest impact on your story?

A single person is hard to call out. Each person that left an impact on my story gave me a shot when I had no proof or experience. I’ve even had great mentors that do more than give advice. A really good mentor actually helps you find opportunities to build the experience you need. I had a few do this for me.

What’s an unpopular opinion you have about content?

I don’t believe there is any difference in B2B vs B2C vs D2C vs C2C, and so on. We are all people with brains, logic, and emotions. Our perception of our reality differs from person to person due to our life experiences. I believe these categories have been created to solidify unnecessary territories in the marketing field.

If you could define your story using one sentence, what would that sentence be?

I never have and still don’t wait to be told what to do.


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