Mita Mallick
Head of Diversity & Cross Cultural Marketing at Unilever
We spend too much time thinking about what people want to hear, rather than just sharing our truth.
Mita Malick
Maggie Huston
Senior Digital Content Manager at UPS
Establishing your brand as an expert can lead to future conversations. content can be the start of a relationship.
Maggie Huston
Anthony Kosner
Editorial Strategist at Dropbox
With copy, the problem is usually not 'too long,' but 'too boring'.
Anthony Kosner

At Knotch, we encourage brands and consumers to own their voice online. Our Own Your Voice series highlights the stories behind the storytellers at your favorite brands. Click below for their full story.


Umang Choudhary
Todd Needle
Taha Ebrahimi
Jecoby Carter
Jennifer Burns
Emmakate Young
Christina Gregor
Andy Ambrosius
Tibby Iz
Sarah Murry
Sarah Kate Ellis
Rebecca Coats
Mita Mallick
Maggie Huston
Katie Garcia
John Ville
Arturo Siguenza
Anthony Kosner
Anne Merkert
Brad Armstrong


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